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Red Light Therapy is one of the unique therapies that MediPro Holistic Health offers. It can be a huge benefit to both acute and chronic brain injuries. It can help the energy crisis and mitochondria find homeostasis after an injury. 

Red Light Therapy: The mechanisms that make it work: 

  • The mitochondrial membrane contains cytochrome c oxidase as part of the electron transport chain. It absorbs the red light heme and copper centers and leads to increases in electron transport, mitochondrial membrane potential, and ATP production.

  • Light-sensitive ion channels allow calcium to enter the cell, decreasing neuronal excitement and decreasing headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and sensitivity to light/noise. 

  • The signaling pathways that are triggered can lead to increased expression of genes related to protein synthesis, cell migration and proliferation, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic proteins, and antioxidant activity.

Red Light Therapy: What the case studies show: 

One study showed improvement with PTSD-like symptoms, verbal memory, and executive function across many different types of brain injuries. 

Another study looked at veterans with ongoing symptoms sustained for longer than 18 months. Found improvement in neuropsychological scores, increases in regional cerebral blood flow on SPECT scan analysis, and an overall improvement in cognition. 

Based on these mechanisms, red light therapy is an ally for patients during initial and long-term symptom treatments. Reach out for a free consultation or call MediPro Holistic Health to schedule an appointment at 503-828-9265. 

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