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Naturopathic Medicine

The original functional medicine, naturopathic medicine seeks to treat the root cause of illness and restore optimal function. Naturopathic care focuses on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Treating the symptoms of an illness is like popping a pill whenever you get a headache. The job of the medication is to stop the pain (and it does). But then you get another headache a few days later.

Why? Because something else is going on that your body is trying to alert you to.

Symptoms are warning signs that something is wrong and the longer they’re ignored, or swept under the rug with a pill, the stronger the underlying condition becomes.

As naturopathic physicians, we help you discover the underlying causes of your symptoms and work with you to heal your body.

Whether you’ve had a throbbing headache for months, your child has recurrent ear infections, or you just want to know what’s going on in your body, naturopathic care can return your body and mind to healthy, symptom-free rhythms.

Alpha Stim for Mental Health and Pain

A small FDA-approved microcurrent device, Alpha Stim enhances the alpha waves of your brain, which provide a relaxed focus similar to meditation. The studies on alpha stim show that it is effective for treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD and pain. We often incorporate alpha stim into bodywork sessions, or on its own, to improved mood and reduce pain. After trying this in office, if you feel it is a good fit for you, our providers are able to prescribe a device for you, so you can purchase one for home use.

Approach To Mold Illness

Here in the pacific northwest, it’s hard to avoid mold in our beautiful rainy environment. When mold takes hold of your environment, it can cause some people’s long-lasting symptoms. Studies show that 25% of people cannot clear mold effectively, causing a breakdown in the body’s protective systems causing chronic congestion, respiratory illness, sinus infections, brain fog, ice pick pains, and other unusual symptoms. We check for mold exposure when patients encounter multiple complex respiratory issues. Mold testing requires a simple urine test that evaluates the toxins mold produces. We use a holistic approach to your care and look at many factors to clear the mold toxins from your system. We use a combination of homeopathy, botanicals, nutrition, and supplements to help support your body’s systems while removing the mold toxins.

B12 Injections

Sometimes you just need a quick boost, and for many patients, a B12 injection is just the ticket! We use hydroxycobalamin, which is a special type of B12 that is most effective without causing symptoms. These injections are available during an appointment, or can be scheduled weekly if needed on their own, for established patients.

Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries occur for many reasons and can have lasting long-term effects without proper treatment. Even a mild concussion can be a confusing and scary experience. We are here to help no matter where you are on your concussion-traumatic brain injury healing journey.

We provide treatment of acute concussions, post-concussion syndrome, and concussion prevention begins with a comprehensive workup which includes vestibular and neurological testing in the office. Considering the broad and complex impact of brain injuries, we engage both imaging and labs to build a clear picture of your brain and the effects your injury is having.

Seeing a provider within 24-48 hours of injury is ideal for the best outcomes. Whether that initial visit is in an ER or with your family doctor or Dr. Wilson herself, there are plenty of treatments and healing protocols she can provide and direct no matter how long ago your injury occurred. Your concussion and TBI healing journey begins with the injury and continues until you feel better and function well.

Dr. Wilson will acquaint you with your unique healing path through the detailed intake assessments. And provide a comprehensive treatment plan to help get you back to baseline. Trained in vestibular ocular motion testing and impact concussion testing, she will expertly guide you until you are back on your feet and provide post-treatment return to work, school, or play evaluations when you are ready.

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle form of bodywork, craniosacral therapy helps to re-set your nervous system and remove restrictions that may impede proper function. This therapy allows your resting nervous system (parasympathetic) to engage, and over time can teach your brain to engage this resting state more often. The results are better stress management, improved sleep, pain reduction, improved digestion, and so much more!

Food Sensitivity Testing

Do you even wonder if you are eating a food that is causing symptoms, but can’t figure out which food is the problem? We hear you! We have several food sensitivity panels that we can run, with an in-office finger-stick collection, to figure out the offending foods. Once we receive your results, we sit down during a visit to discuss your results and formulate a plan for elimination of those foods for 8 weeks. During that time, we work on healing your gut, which helps your body desensitize to those foods and (hopefully) allow you to reintroduce them without symptoms. The goal of this process is to help you discover foods that may be triggering reactions, eliminate them for a period of time, work on healing your gut, and then reintroduce those foods one by one.

Functional Digestive Testing

So many of us have digestive symptoms that have never been properly diagnosed. Irregular bowel movements, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, and other digestive symptoms don’t happen for now reason. Our testing options can uncover the root cause of your symptoms, and give us a place to start your treatment. In our opinion, a diagnosis of IBS or IBD is not the place to stop, rather it is the place to start – to uncover the issues under that diagnosis and start the treatment and healing. We provide testing such as GI Map, Complete Digestive Analysis, Parasite and Worm testing, and SIBO testing. Your doctor will discuss options and provide you with the test kit, which you can complete in your own home and send to the lab. Once results are received, you will meet with your doctor again to discuss your first phase of treatment.

HAES (health at every size)

This is a cornerstone to how we practice medicine. Did you know that the BMI (body mass index) was developed by a mathematician to measure the average size of an adult male in an entire population? It was never intended to be used to measure individual health, and has little use in medicine. If you want to be weighed, let us know, but generally we only weigh patients once a year, since there are some medications that need to be prescribed by weight. There are much better measurements to help us follow your health journey, so we prefer to focus on blood pressure, pulse, lab results, and how you are feeling, rather than weigh you at every visit and tell you to lose or gain weight. In addition, we feel each patient has inherent worth and dignity regardless of their gravitational relationship with the earth, so no matter your weight, you will receive the same care and attention as every other patient.

Hormones and Gynecology

Feel like your hormones are out of whack, or that you aren’t your best at certain times of the month? We can help with that! Often the fix is a simple dietary or supplement adjustment, but sometimes things are more complex and require testing. We offer both conventional (blood) hormone testing as well as functional (saliva) testing. Your doctor will discuss the options and help you determine the right testing, then follow-up with a visit to discuss results and next steps in your treatment. If a hormone prescription is the right next step, our doctors are experts at prescribing both conventional and compounded bioidentical hormones.

Need a pap or annual physical? We do that, too! We offer trauma-informed gynecology, which means your doctor will talk you through the exam and help you relax so that you get the care you need without added stress. We can order a full panel of testing of STDs (sexually-transmitted infections) and HPV testing if needed, as well as mammogram and screening labs such as cholesterol and diabetes.

Medication & Hormone Prescribing

Many people are surprised to learn that we, as naturopathic physicians, prescribe medication when needed. Our goal is to work with you to choose therapies, whether supplements or medication, that help to achieve your health goals. We can prescribe all primary care medications, as well as specially formulated compounded medications such as custom pain creams, bioidentical hormones, and so much more!

Mayan Abdominal Therapy

A combination of bodywork techniques originating in Central America, Dr. Rosita Arvigo has taught these techniques for decades. Having trained directly with Dr. Arvigo in Belize, we are thrilled to offer this sacred work to our patients. In addition to being a unique relaxing bodywork treatment, these special techniques remove restrictions in the abdomen, pelvis, and back, which can enhance circulation and nervous system function. Many patients report improved digestion, less painful periods, enhanced fertility, reduced menopausal symptoms, improvement in leaking, and much more.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Recovering from a Motor Vehicle Accident can sometimes feel like a game of hide and seek. We are here to help. No matter how minor, the accident puts your body and brain through stresses and traumas that are not always visible. We start with a general physical and neurological screening to assure that your body and brain are stable after experiencing the accident. We administer comprehensive concussion and joint assessments to investigate hidden injuries and refer to specific and trusted specialists to help with your care and overall healing through a motor vehicle claim. True to our Naturopathic approach to healing the whole person, we also lean into various healing, including nutrition, botanical medicine, supplements, and bodywork support. We use a variety of bodywork styles, including cranial sacral therapy visceral.

From a medical provider’s point of view, motor vehicle accident cases require a high level of focus on diagnostics, treatment planning, and working within both the medical & auto insurance structures. Dr. Wilson has a wealth of experience treating and managing treatment plans for Motor Vehicle Accidents. Her goal is to get you back to baseline and hopefully healthier than you were before as quickly as possible.

Neurology Care

Experiencing complex neurological issues alone can be stressful for patients and their families. Our Naturopathic approach to Neurological care focuses on the treatment, function, and diagnosis of diseases affecting the nervous system. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your nervous system functions and specific daily life concerns. Your healing starts with the holistic basics of supportive fluids, food, sleep, and stress management to calm your nervous system.

Always striving to provide you trauma-informed care, we evaluate for other conditions that could be impacting your ability to heal. These could include environmental illnesses, hypermobility syndromes, mental health, or neurological disorders. We often work with a team of providers to address your concerns. We evaluate for any other maladies that could impact your ability to heal.


Injuries can cause hiccups in the rhythm of your life. Our trained providers evaluate and treat joint and soft tissue injuries. A certified athletic trainer schooled under osteopathic philosophy, Dr. Wilson will perform a thorough evaluation using orthopedic, functional movement screens, gait testing, and ergonomics evaluation. Your treatment may include imaging where necessary along with soft tissue approaches, including myofascial, visceral manipulation, trigger point release, manipulation, and cranial-sacral techniques. Our goal is to heal the injury while building strength into your weak spots and balance in your life.

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