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Now that school is back in full swing, routines are re-established for the school year, and the weather is getting cooler, what are you packing for lunch?  I know the routine of packing school lunches can get old pretty quickly, so right about now you may be looking for new ideas.  Let me help!

Consider these options when you (or your kids) are tired of the same old thing:

A thermos with heated dinner leftovers: this can include meat and potatoes, stew, soup, pasta, Mexican food, or sautéed veggies with beans and rice.  It’s so nice to have a warm meal at lunch.

Make it into a pancake: lots of healthy foods can be cooked into a patty-style packable pancake.  Sweet potatoes, rice, beans, veggies – can be mixed, mashed, and then pan-fried in ghee or coconut oil into a delicious lunchtime creation.  Check out these ideas or experiment with your own.

Fun shapes: it’s amazing how a new twist on an old favorite can make kids eat their food!  Cut sandwiches, cold cuts, or cheese into shapes with fun cookie cutters and revitalize lunchtime favorites.  Add a dip in a small container for extra fun and nutrition.  Prep these the night before and let your kids do the cutting – often when they are involved in food prep they are far more likely to eat it!

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How Naturopaths Pack School Lunches

Need some visual inspiration for lunches? Check out my colleague Dr. Kristen McElveen’s blog for some great photos of naturopathic doctor-approved school lunches!

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