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Rather then post health info this week, I thought I’d give you a little piece of my soul. Not in an over-share kind of way, but in a “Hey, you’re my friend, let me tell you what I’ve discovered” way. I hope that by sharing this piece of myself, I will help you discover something you’d like to embrace about yourself.

I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to get to the “finish line.” High school was about getting the grades to go to college. College was about finishing and getting out on my own (hopefully with a job!). Medical school and internship were about getting to residency and passing board exams.

Sound familiar?

Acknowledging the Difficulty of Being Fully Present

Somewhere along the line, a supervisor told me during a performance review that I seemed to have a very difficult time enjoying the process of my life. She noticed that I was always looking toward the future, rather than being fully present in my NOW. Well, that stopped me in my tracks.

Because, really, why do we focus on the future so much? Why can’t I, and the collective WE, be happy in the here and now? We live in a goal-oriented society. Life is about the next big thing, about measuring up (or not) to unrealistic ideals that make us feel inferior. Ideals created by advertisers, society, organizations, and sometimes by our own internal negative self-talk.

Often that negative self-talk is the worst culprit. Do YOU have a soundtrack in your brain that tells you:

“I’ll only be happy if… I can’t measure up unless…”

Discovering the Fun of Being Myself

Recently, I went to Mexico to give a lecture at the International Maya Abdominal Therapy Convention It was my first international speaking engagement, and I was a little nervous. I decided to embrace the process and have fun.

And you know what? It was amazing!

I spoke from an outline, without PowerPoint, because frankly, I hate PowerPoint. I decided to just be me, wear clothing that was comfortable, offer my information with stories along the way, and have a blast.

I got the best feedback I’ve ever received — because I was myself and I was able to be present in the moment rather than thinking about what was next.

Being present takes practice. Turning off electronics, taking in what is around me, truly listening when someone is talking to me, feeling OK when I find myself without anything to do for a few minutes… is a daily process for me. I haven’t mastered it and I probably never will, but I’m trying.

Because I’m finally OK with embracing my life, right here, right now.

P.S. – That photo above is of me in the Caribbean Sea after my lecture at the International Maya Abdominal Therapy Convention. I’m having the time of my life and loving the here and now!

How can you embrace the journey you are on and focus on the here and now?

5 Minute Health Hacks

Reducing Negative Self-Talk

Below is an exercise I introduced in an introductory email for my email list. If you aren’t subscribed, take a moment to sign up now and you’ll receive an amazing and free introductory mini-program that will help you embrace the here and now.

Bring to mind one negative, repetitive thought that plagues your brain space on a daily basis. Jot it down. Does this thought occur at a certain time of day? Randomly? Only when you see a certain person? Write down whatever ideas arise.

Now, I want you to commit to noticing whenever that thought comes up. Every time the thought occurs, use your mind to shift it: Can you breathe a color into the thought? Spray it with water and watch it melt? Pop that thought like a bubble? Find some way to shift the thought every time it arises, and see what happens—be a witness to the change!

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