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 A Family Legacy

My great-grandfather Clarence J.W. Beal, DO and great-grandmother, Birdice E.F. Beal, DO were among the first Osteopathic physicians in the United States in the early 1900s. My great-grandmother was one of the first women to practice osteopathy here. Talk about having a legacy to carry. Their son, my grandfather, Myron C. Beal, DO follow in their footsteps and carried on a great Osteopathic legacy. Though he’s too humble to admit his professional successes, I’m happy to share a little of his story and inspiration. Happy 100th Birthday Grandpa!  

Dr. Myron C. Beal

Dr. Beal took over his parents’ practice in Rochester, NY and focused on working with musculoskeletal conditions. He taught at Michigan State University where he edited “The Principles of Palpatory Diagnosis and Manipulative  Technique” with world-renowned Osteopaths John Upledger of Upledger Institute and Lawrence Jones of the Jones Institute. In 1995 he accepted the Andrew Taylor Still Medallion of Honor, for outstanding accomplishments in scientific or professional affairs in Osteopathic medicine. 

Dr. Beal is beloved by both his patients and everyone who knows him. He has a deep kindness and quiet, humble nature. As a Naturopathic doctor, I am the only family member to have followed in his, and the family footsteps. We shared a special moment while I visited him in 2017;  when he imparted some ancestor’s wisdom on me, one seasoned Doctor to a soon to be Doctor. 

Mind you, there was a hesitant moment between us when he began teaching me about “pretend problems”.  He explained that although he focused on musculoskeletal issues, many patients came to him without a real physiological problem. He said he knew that all these patients needed was for someone to listen to them deeply, so he did. That was the moment I truly felt this man and the legacy of my ancestors moving through me. The practice of listening deeply to understand and treat the whole person, not just the symptom, is the heart of both Osteopathic and Naturopathic medicine and the essence of Root Cause medicine 

Few people gain this kind of wisdom directly from their ancestor. And I know I am blessed to carry on the family legacy of doctoring. I remember as a child watching my Grandfather taking family members into his loft office and how they would come back downstairs feeling better. In my inexperienced eyes, it was miraculous. I sometimes wonder if those were the moments when the seeds of this family legacy were passed to me. 

My grandfather has always been, and still is, a man of very few words. It was a remarkable gift to gather his wisdom while experiencing the twinkle in his eye, his grin, and his joyous laughter as we talked about the art of manipulations and philosophy of treating the whole person.  As I take up the mantle of the family legacy, I know that my ancestors are standing firmly behind me and I have his blessing.  ~Aho  

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