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Mold – it’s everywhere, so it’s no big deal. Right? Not exactly. For some people, mold exposure can cause significant health issues.

Mycotoxin Illness, better known as Mold Illness, is a reaction to the mold itself and its spores, fragments and toxins, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and microorganisms found with mold. About 25% of people cannot clear these toxins from their systems. That’s why one person in a household can be affected, but no one else in the house is. For these people, mold exposure can cause long-lasting problems, from sinus infections to cancer.

Our body naturally removes toxins through the bile system, bowel, and liver. For some people, the residue of mold and toxins gets stuck in the bile system, small intestine, and liver. These residual toxins wreak havoc with multiple body systems causing symptoms ranging from headaches and muscle aches, fatigue, cognitive impairment, anxiety, and depression, to name a few.

These toxins are the real problem; they can make you sicker and sicker over time. It’s as if your body is being slowly poisoned. They do not dissipate independently, and removing them from the system requires specific testing and treatments.

If you suspect that you are having reactions to mold exposure:

  1. Remove yourself from the mold environment.
  2. Find a doctor who is well versed in identifying and treating Mold Illness.

Dr. Kirstin Wilsons is a mold-literate physician experienced with the complexities of treating Mold Illness. If you are experiencing unresolved symptoms and would like a simple test to rule out Mold Illness, make an appointment with her at Nurture Integrative Health Clinic. She’s here to help.

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