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Healing for Women in a Beautiful Flower

In my travels to Belize to study Mayan Medicine with Dr. Rosita Arvigo, I have fallen in love with Hibiscus.  This beautiful flower has become a plant ally for me, meaning it has special meaning to me for healing, growth, and spiritual resonance.  When I am in need of assistance for wisdom, guidance, and teaching, I call on my faith in natural medicine.  I have faith with all my heart in the healing power of the plants in my world, and Hibiscus shows up in many forms to help me bring its healing power to my patients and my own body and spirit.


Hibiscus Flower

Used in Central America for many aspects of women’s health, these flowers are commonly used fresh, picked right off the plant.  If you are lucky enough to live in a region to have Hibiscus in your yard, or are able to grow it indoors in a large pot, you can benefit from the wonderful medicine these fresh flowers carry.  Dried Hibiscus can also be used, though the health benefits are somewhat different. 

Fresh Hibiscus is traditionally used in Central America in teas and spiritual baths.   The flowers of certain types can also be eaten fresh, and they add beautiful color and nutrients to salad or as a garnish on a plate.  Medicinally, fresh Hibiscus flowers have been used to control heavy menstrual bleeding or hemorrhage after childbirth. 

Dried Hibiscus has been shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  It can help with hydration when taken as a tea, and can help regulate both urination and bowel movements.  The phytochemicals in Hibiscus can reduce inflammation, and may help support liver health. 


Hibiscus Flower Essence

One of my favorite supportive therapies in my naturopathic medical practice in Oregon, flower essences provide gentle support to the mind and spirit.  They open a door to positive change, and I have never seen anyone “react” to them negatively.  Even my most sensitive patients benefit from a flower essence formula. 

I love to use Hibiscus flower essence, either singly or in combination with other flower essences, to support connection to sexuality.  It facilitates soul warmth and bodily passion.  Patterns of imbalance that indicates a need for Hibiscus flower essence include inability to connect to sexual experience, lack of warmth or vitality, and history of trauma, exploitation or abuse. 


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