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Every 21 seconds in the US… someone suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury. 

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 35% of non-fatal traumatic brain injuries are due to motor vehicle-related injuries. In a car accident, an impact or jolt to the body can cause injury to your brain. Simply put, you do not have to hit your head for a brain injury to happen.

This is why…

individuals involved in a car crash should always be evaluated by a physician. 

The speed of the collision does not dictate injury.

Low-impact collisions often cause brain and neck injuries. A collision at as little as 2.5 mph can produce mild to medium brain injury symptoms. The ER professionals will ask about the speed and direction of the collision. They will also ask how you felt immediately after the crash. 

Common symptoms to look for after an automobile collision

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  • changes in vision

  • nausea or vomiting 

  • balance difficulties

  • dizziness

  • brain fog or confusion

  • headaches

  • sensitivity to light of noise

  • change in personality or mood

If you are unsure… make an appointment to be evaluated.

Through my Naturopathic Neurology practice, I work with patients experiencing brain injury symptoms after a car accident. At your first appointment, after a comprehensive naturopathic neurology evaluation, I can make any appropriate referrals and provide ways to support your brain’s healing. At your next appointment, we will focus on the treatment of nervous system deficits. The goal of this period is to bring your brain to a healthy baseline while building resilience to protect you from future injury.

To book an appointment with me, please contact Medipro Holistic Health. I am happy to work with your motor vehicle accident insurance if it is available to you. 

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