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“Sometimes illness is the greatest gift you can receive.”
– someone I (almost) punched

When I was a (straight A) college student, a massage therapist said this to me, I quite frankly wanted to punch her! I had been suffering from unexplained fatigue, fevers, and severe body pain (not to mention brain fog!) for almost 10 years, and I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Illness as a gift?

If that’s what this was, I wanted to return this gift (or just leave it on the side of the road!) My journey as a sick kid and young adult had carried me through many a doctor office, a psychiatrist and several psychologists, chiropractors, holistic MDs, acupuncturists, and specialists at two world-class hospitals with nary a cure.

Can you relate to not finding the solutions you need through conventional medicine?

You know you don’t feel well, but you just can’t get the help you need to regain your health and energy.

I get it! And I can help you.

Dr. Jennifer Karon

Yes, conventional medicine is a great tool but even with its help, I still had no explanation for my illness, and the medications I was given made everything worse. No Bueno! (No good!)

Well, I ended up having to take medical leave from college (and the overachiever in me was NOT happy about this). I felt lost and unsure about what to do next until I could take it no longer and decided to take my healthcare into my own hands. I needed to get better!

Back then, there was no internet or “Dr. Google” for health research (maybe that was a blessing – you have to be pretty careful who you trust online!)

The only place I could go for holistic health info was my local health food store, where I found a brochure for a naturopathic physician. At the time, I wasn’t even sure what a naturopathic physician was, but I was so desperate that I made an appointment and was comprehensively tested, which showed that I had a chronic viral infection, parasites, hormonal imbalances, and a gluten intolerance.

No wonder I felt like crap for so long.

The road back to health was bumpy, but I had a deep knowing that if I kept at it, I would regain my health. And I did.

I wish I could say that I’ve been uber-healthy since, but then…

Pregnancy and childbirth (hello, sleep deprivation!), and then attending naturopathic medical school with a young child caused me to dive head-first into adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

By the time I hit residency in my career, my hormones were shot. It was all I could do to make it through the day without needing a (pretty long) nap!

Not to mention deep cystic acne, anxiety, unexplained weight gain, horrible PMS – I was a walking hormonal nightmare!

Again I turned to naturopathic medicine to heal my body, and while I reduced my symptoms, I realized that I needed to explore healing on a deeper level. My spirit wasn’t healing, and I needed to figure out how to do that in a way that still appealed to my hemi-powered mind.

I found myself on the top of a mountain in Belize, studying Mayan spiritual healing and abdominal therapy with Dr. Rosita Arvigo. I couldn’t quite explain the pull for me to this small Central American country – I’m a white gal with Scottish and Russian roots – but the call of this land and the shamanic lineage it held was too strong to ignore.

For a week, I steeped myself in the lineage of Don Elijio Panti, a Mayan shaman (an energy healer) who helped thousands of people who had not found health solutions in the modern medical system. I learned how to give a Mayan spiritual bath – using plants, water, copal (a fragrant tree resin), and prayer – to heal spiritual aspects of discomfort that didn’t respond to more conventional medical treatment.

I had always believed in science, and was skeptical of these shamanic practices, since I couldn’t explain them with all my education. And yet, there was no denying that my health was improving in ways that conventional or even naturopathic medicine or psychotherapy had never helped me achieve.

I returned to Belize again and again to deepen my skills and now use them daily to heal myself, my family and my patients in my thriving naturopathic practice.

I had been told to reduce my stress (gee, thanks, hadn’t thought of that!), and told to see a therapist (did it and it helped… to a point), but I realized that the stresses of modern life keep coming and I needed better tools to protect my health and regain control over my future.

All the supplements, diet changes, medication, and meditation in the world weren’t going to fully heal my adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto’s.

The true root cause of my health issues could be traced back to a deep emotional wound that came from being unseen and unacknowledged as a child and continued to affect me as an adult.

By combining ancient effective shamanic healing techniques with naturopathic medicine, my negative self-talk about needing to be a perfectionist has disappeared, as has my anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and Hashimoto’s.

I’m a work in progress (hello, Type-A overachiever!), but I can honestly say I’ve never felt stronger, more energetic, or as joyful as I do today.

Now, as a naturopathic physician and spiritual healer, I customize my approach for each client depending on individual need – making sure we dig to the root cause of your issues while also healing your symptoms.

So if you’re ready to reclaim your health and tap into a meaningful, joyful daily life in these busy times, then I invite you to join my community of smart, successful individuals who want a state-of-the-art blend of holistic medical solutions AND spiritual healing.

It’s time to make YOU the priority and reclaim your health and power so that you can step into your life’s purpose. Are you ready to feel amazing on a daily basis?

To your health,

Dr. Jennifer

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