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A Naturopathic Gynecologist’s Guide to Taking Back Your Creative Force

I have worked in Women’s Health for more than 25 years, as an advocate for women experiencing domestic violence, an herbalist and teacher of herbal medicine, and for the last decade as a licensed naturopathic physician.

I am dedicated to assisting women of all races and economic circumstances regain control of their health. Securing health sovereignty for all, though facilitating medicine choices that are socio-culturally and ecologically appropriate, is a passion of mine. I strive to provide practical, reliable, and context-relevant healthcare options to the patients who seek my care.

Sounds great, right? But in practice, I often find that while many of my female patients are educated and well resourced, their connection to their womb, to their creative force, was cut off long ago. Women come into my office disconnected from their womb energy, perhaps due to medical or other trauma. Women describe feeling disconnected from their creativity, anxious, depressed, or simply lost.

When I say “womb space” or “womb energy” I am talking about the connection to creativity that lies in the pelvis. This space exists whether or not a woman possesses an intact uterus and ovaries. It is where we conceive and gestate ideas, not just where we create children should we chose that path. Getting back in touch with our womb, to connect to the wisdom and creativity this area of our body holds, is crucial to claiming our medical sovereignty and connecting with our body on the deepest level.

5 Steps to Reclaim Your Womb Space:

  1. Connect. Find a quite space where you feel safe. Lie down or sit, with your eyes gently closed and your hands placed over your lower abdomen. Breathe in and out, at a slow pace that feels nourishing. Consider reciting a simple mantra or prayer as you breathe. Breathe in: I am nourished. Breathe out: I am whole.
  2. Warm. The pelvis and womb space can often feel tender, crampy, or disconnected. A simple introduction of warmth can often assist in reclaiming this space for yourself. Placing a heat pack or hot water bottle over your lower abdomen and resting quietly for 5 minutes can greatly increase connection and warmth. Adding a rub of castor oil [link to castor oil blog] over your skin, and then applying heat, can further increase circulation. As an alternative, you can pelvic steam, or V Steam.
  3. Nourish. Herbal teas can be incredibly healing to the womb space. There are many single herbs and blends that nourish the womb and enhance connection. Consider ginger, motherwort, lemon balm, holy basil, ashwagandha, nettle leaf, and oat straw.
  4. Heal. Many of us have experienced sexual abuse, incest, rape, or medical trauma. These memories may be there for you, or may surface as you begin to connect with your womb space. A trauma-informed healthcare provider can provide you with the support you need to heal. This may take the form of naturopathic physician, therapist, holistic pelvic therapy provider, or other trusted professional.
  5. Restore. Your womb space may suffer from decreased circulation, lymphatic congestion, poor alignment, prolapse, pain, abnormal bleeding, or other dis-ease. Working with a certified Arvigo® Mayan Abdominal Therapist can help you reclaim and rebalance your womb space. You can read more about Arvigo® Therapy here.

Would you like assistance in reclaiming your womb?

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