I can honestly say Dr. Karon-Flores is the best doctor I have ever had. Not only does she help me with physical ailments but also makes me feel like I’m a person, not just a patient. She always wants to find out the real reason for any problem and will take the time to research if it’s not something she knows off hand. I have seen Dr. Karon-Flores for naturopathic care as well as craniosacral therapy and have never been disappointed with remedies or treatment. I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking for alternative healthcare.
-Amaren Colosi

Dr. Jennifer Karon-Flores possesses a magical combination of talents. I respect her ingenious understanding of physiology in detecting the root cause of health issues. I rely on her intuitive hands in the cranial-sacral work she weaves into her patient care. And I’ve come to trust her sensitive communication and insightful questions. Together those gifts make her a unique healer. She’s able to simultaneously address larger health issues while helping to shift the subtleties that unlock the keys to recovery. Under Dr. Karon-Flores’ care I’ve been able to delve more deeply into the nuances of my own health challenges. And through my work with her I’ve experienced a deeper level of vitality.
-Andrea Nakayama

Dr. Karon-Flores is extremely patient and truly seems to care about my health. She is available anytime I have a question, concern or change in my health. She offers thorough responses almost immediately. Wonderful!.

I know Dr. Karon-Flores as both a colleague and as her patient, and she offers everything I look for in a doctor: encyclopedic knowledge, great “bedside” manner, passion for medicine that actually makes you better, and a good dollop of magic.

Dr. Karon-Flores is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of women’s health, homeopathy, and herbal medicine and prides herself on the love of family practice. She is an excellent combination of both intelligence and compassion and is an outstanding resource. –TA