Alternative Labs

As primary care physicians, we are able to order both conventional and alternative lab testing. Often patients have had a conventional lab work-up, and we will be happy to assess those labs during your appointment (make sure to bring a copy). Naturopathic ideal lab values differ from conventional normal values, so even though your labs may be reported as “normal,” we will take things one step further and explore with you how to bring your labs, and your health, into the optimal range.

Often, patients complain that even though their conventional labs are normal, their health is not. In this case, your naturopathic physician may discuss alternative lab testing with you. These tests are designed to identify issues that can not be diagnosed with other lab testing, and include:

• Food sensitivity testing
• Celiac and gluten sensitivity testing
• Hormone testing
• Genetic testing
• Detoxification pathway testing
• Heavy metal and toxic element testing
• Digestive health testing
• Neurotransmitter testing
• Vitamin and mineral status testing