Moving Forward

It is almost the New Year.  That’s right, time to make resolutions that promise great beginnings, only to be left in the dust by Valentine’s Day (or by the second week of January!).  What if you could make lasting changes in 2012, changes that would not wane with the coming of the next indulgent holiday, but changes that would endure and serve you no matter the stress level or meal you are faced with at a fancy restaurant?

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about dietary change, here, but more about how to get what you want out of your life, out of your health care, out of your interactions with others.  Without feeling guilty about the changes you should have made, could have made, at the beginning of the year.  How does that sound?

A few years ago, I gave up the annual ritual of the New Years Resolution.  I got tired of feeling like a failure for not doing what I had set out to do on January 1st.  And, in the process of giving up, I found a lot more than I bargained for.  Peace of mind.  Confidence in myself.  Commitment to my health on all levels.  I very much enjoy setting goals for myself, but I now do that throughout the year.  It works for me, and maybe it will work for you.

Have health challenges or goals you’d like to work on?  I’d be honored to assist you in reaching your goals!  Contact me for a free consultation to find out how my own special brand of naturopathic medicine can help you achieve more than you thought possible on the road to optimal health.

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  1. Gaddiel says:

    Prevention and lifestyle chioces are key Amen!I watched the film at the AMSA convention last march. It was really similar to the book the China Study, but it was still a great film. I highly recommend it!

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