Change and the unknown

I generally like change.  New clothing, new haircut, new information, new treatment options – I love them!  I am moving my office, as you may know.  Beginning Monday, October 3rd, I will be at Kwan Yin Healing Arts in NW Portland.  I am so excited to become a part of this fantastic healing space.  But, as I clean, sort, recycle, and get ready to move into my new space, I find that I am unsettled.  Moving out of my office at Bambu Clinic felt, well, a little strange.  I have been there for 2 years.  While my new office at Kwan Yin Healing Arts will allow me to continue to grow as a practitioner and offer so much more to my patients, it is the unknown.  Will I be able to master the computer system?  Will my patients like the new office?  Will I be able to find on-street parking?  These are just a few of the unknowns swirling through my head.

As I write, I realize that often the changes we need to make for our health are unknown and therefore a bit scary.  While we know we need to change in order to improve our health and our future, it is so hard to let go of what we know.  A year ago, I talked to a patient about removing gluten from her diet.  “No way, not going to happen,” was her response.  This past week, we revisited the idea of a gluten-free diet.  She was ready, and agreed to do a two-month trial of no gluten.  The unknown had become a little less scary, a little more inviting, and most of all, something she could envision.

As I take the plunge into my own unknown, I invite you all to stretch, grow, change, and take a plunge of your own.  What are you not doing because it is scary?  What can you envision for your future?

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