New Years Solutions

I like to think about solutions, as opposed to resolutions.  To me, if I am unsatisfied with an aspect of my life, it is far easier to remedy if I can come up with a solution.  A resolution, on the other hand, smacks of failure before I even start.  I read recently that most Americans abandon their New Year’s Resolution within a week of the start of January.  Resolving to do something without coming up with the solution will result in failure.  So, join me – stop resolving and start solving!Now, on to specifics.  What am I planning for my new year start?  Everything from a dental cleaning to cessation of multi-tasking.  I find that as my medical practice grows (thank you, everyone who has referred to me this past year!), I am more guilty than ever of doing multiple things at once.  While I appear to get more done, I find that my sanity suffers slightly, and I want to nip this poor habit before it spirals out of control.  No more checking email over breakfast or researching while watching TV with my daughter.  My solution is to choose one thing at a time to devote my attention to.  We’ll see how it goes…What is your new year’s solution?  I’d love to hear what others are planning for 2011.

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